Do you need to sell your property?

Maybe you want to pay off your mortgage to clear your debts; are downsizing, or have inherited a property through probate that you need to sell quickly.  Needing a speedy sale may mean that you don’t want to put your property on the market in the traditional way via an estate agent. 

Negative Equity and needing to move?  Please contact us and we will explain some options to allow you to move on with your lives.  We know buyers who want to buy property as a long term investment and who are willing to wait several years before the market bounces back, and who do not view negative equity as a problem.  Please follow the links to our contact page.

Whatever the reason is you want to sell your property, we may already have a buyer waiting.

If you are interested in selling your property then click here to register and we will contact you by email or telephone.