Why Stoke On Trent?

We believe that the best results for investment will be found in areas that are known, researched and accessible to the team sourcing the properties.  The nuances of the districts and streets are known well, ensuring that an investor will not find that they have bought a house with a hidden problem that would impact on its value or future re-sale.  Within the city boundaries there are different areas that are suited to different types of property investment, and local knowledge is always vital to ensure maximum return.

The investor who has rental property needs to buy it at a good price, and to rent it out to tenants in order to make a return on the investment. 

Stoke has a proactive City Council who have injected money and regeneration schemes in to many districts, and who are encouraging and assisting landlords to provide homes for its citizens.  It understands that it will be unable to meet all the cities housing demands so it works closely with Accredited Landlords and Letting Agents which ensures it has a constant supply of housing, and that the investor has tenants for their properties.  It has accessible and pro-active staff and more information can be found on their website. 

The city itself is a collection of five towns, each with their own character and economy.  The towns are all linked by the A500 (known locally as the "D" road) ensuring that it is easy to live and work in different parts of the city, and there are many who live in Stoke but who work in the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Wolverhampton which are easily commutable to via the M6.