Investors’ FAQ.

Why Invest?
If your aim is to increase your wealth both now and in the future, investing in property can give you that financial freedom:

How do I register my Interest?
Click here for free registration to record your details via our contact page.

What happens next?
We will telephone you to confirm your details and to discuss how we can work together.  There will be certain criteria that we have to be sure of, in order that we can move quickly on your behalf.  Once approved and signed up as an Epitome Investor, you will go onto our investor mailing list.

How will I hear about properties you have to offer?
As and when properties are ready to be released, we will email all our investors with the details. We email investors who are on our mailing list with a full specification of a property and they follow the reservation system.

Can I go and look at the property?
Not usually; the property pack supplies photographs (when available) and all the financial information needed to make a decision and properties are sold very quickly on a first to reserve basis.

Will you arrange finance?
If you are not a cash buyer, we have mortgage brokers we work with regularly, who you may wish to use.

How do I pay for Investor Days?
Click on the relevant button below and pay securely by Pay Pal or Debit/Credit card, or Pay on the Day with us using our secure PayPal card reader.  Remember your £150 fee is refundable on completion of your first property deal with Epitome.


Investor Days

We will be delighted to answer any other questions you may have when we contact you.

*The long term worth of your property can go up or down depending on market fluctuations*